This committee is made up of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and various Councillors.

The Parish Council owns no roads and therefore has no powers relating to Highway issues. These are the responsibility of Wiltshire Council Highways Department. The Committee is responsible for bringing any issues relating to highway safety or improvement to either the Local Highway and Footpath Improvement Group (LHFIG) or Wiltshire Highways depending on the size and complexity. This is coupled with day to day issues such as potholes, blocked drains, etc. The LHFIG has a limited budget and can deal with minor issues only. Any improvement work requested by the Parish Council and approved by LHFIG will be funded by 30% of the cost by the Parish Council. Members of the Highway Committee will represent the Parish at the quarterly meeting of the LHFIG. Any requests for improvements need to qualify under national guidelines.

Any recommendations are considered and agreed by the full Council meeting which takes place and the end of each month when all Councillors are present.