This Committee looks after the Playing fields. There are extensive facilities to manage.

The playing fields comprise of 11 acres and was donated to the Council under a Deed of Gift in 1926 by a Mr George Kidston of Hazelbury Manor.

There were conditions laid down for the use of the grounds for recreation which included the Box Cricket Club.

Today the play grounds contains the following amenities which include; the cricket pitch, two tennis courts, a national standard bowling green, children under seven play area besides a play area for the older children. It also has a basketball court, BMX track, football and rugby pitches.

Box Rock Circus, installed in 2012 is unique, incorporating samples of all three rock types, minerals and fossils. The blocks demonstrate Britain's plate tectonic movement through time and the marks on the outer granite setts demonstrate the major events in the evolution of life. By looking at the dinosaur footprints you can work out the height of the dinosaurs. As well as being educational, the blocks are fun for children to climb and the fossil rubbings create great artwork.     For further information see:

Charges for Use of Recreation Ground
Bowls Club
For non-members wishing to play contact the bowls club for details on 01249 715382
Football Clubs - Use of pitch - £33.00 per game plus £44 for showers
Tennis Courts - Adults - £5.00 per hour
Children - £2.50 per hour
Tennis coaching £10 per hour
Use of external lights £5 per hour
The Tennis Courts can be booked through the Post Office on 01225 742221